What you don’t know can cost you, your spouse and your heirs money, aggravation and time. An “Estate Planning Analysis Consultation” with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney has real value for you because you directly benefit by learning the answers to 10 important questions:

  1. What is “estate planning” and why is it important?
  2. What are the problems with probate court, conservatorship court, joint tenancy ownership of property, and powers of attorney?
  3. What are the pros and cons of “Will Plans” vs. “Trust Plans”?
  4. What type of documents do I need for the protection of minor and/or adult children?
  5. What are my options and choices for estate plans?
  6. Which type of plan appears to be the right one to protect my family based on my family’s finances, assets, and family members?
  7. What are the 3 categories of “buckets” for holding my money/assets?
  8. What are the consequences of holding money/assets in each “bucket” for lifetime mental disability planning and death planning?
  9. What are the 4 ways to hold title to assets and the consequences of each way?
  10. What is “funding” and why is it important to my family and me?

At the consultation, you will learn enough information so that you can make intelligent decisions about your will plan or trust plan.