Debts & Death

Debts & Death By: Marc R. Carlson, July 1, 2019 Unfortunately, your debts don’t expire when you do. Most debts still need to be paid off, if possible. However, who is responsible for paying a [...]

Niche Trusts

Marc Carlson | February 23, 2014 Revocable Living, Irrevocable Life Insurance, Charitable Lead, and Grantor Retained Annuity – these are trust descriptors that are familiar to estate [...]

17 Bloopers

Marc Carlson | December 16, 2013 Avoid Bloopers: You can avoid committing “bloopers” in estate planning. Take a look at the 17 Common Bloopers. An educated person will be motivated to take [...]

Paying for College

Marc Carlson | March 14, 2013 According to the College Board, the average cost of attending an in-state four-year public college in 2011-2012 is more than $19,000 per year; for a four-year [...]

Planning for Pets

Marc Carlson | March 27, 2012 For many pet owners, pets are members of the family. These individuals often say that if something happens to them, they are more concerned with what will happen to [...]